How does it work?

  • Setup Self Managed Superfund – Minimum 1 member to a maximum of 4 members
  • Once set up you will need to register with the ATO and obtain a TFN for your SMSF
  • Your SMSF will have to set up a bank account to hold your funds
  • You will make decisions on all aspects of your Super yourself
  • We will manage all the compliance and ATO requirements
  • Property loan for the purchase of property

Set up an SMSF Trust – Rollover your current funds into the SMSF – Manage your Super yourself

The process of Self Managed Super Funds Loans at V Corp, from setting up an SMSF to the compliance and the property loan, V Corp handles it all.

Are you eligible to buy property using super?

Want a high-growth property for competitive rates or a farm to spend your retirement days? Whether you’re looking for portfolio diversification or simply want to grow your retirement savings, we have a range of investment solutions for you.

Fund your dream home investment or commercial investment property with our SMSF property loan solution. We’re here to help you find the best loan for your self-managed super funds. We provide competitive loans to meet your requirements. When it comes to your SMSF, you need professionals who can understand your needs. We’re experts at what we do, with our help, you’ll be able to tailor your loan based on your current financial situation. We will guide you through the whole process starting with gathering data about your finances and motivations to the last stages of buying your investment property.

Save for your dream property and retirement today with the help of our SMSF Finance experts. We provide a quick and easy initial setup that will help you understand your commitments and give you a better overview of your investment strategies.

SMSF & Property

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) loan is a type of mortgage used to fund an investment of a property. Unlike a standard home loan, SMSF loans are more complex to understand, which is why you’ll need to seek guidance from a mortgage broker. SMSF is created for trustees so that they can have better control of their retirement savings and investments. They are also much easier to maintain compared to other kinds of retail super funds.

Once you have chosen a property you wish to purchase, you can then take out an SMSF property loan. The income and capital growth generated by your property as well as member contribution and ongoing income from other assets are what will fund your super fund’s retirement savings. SMSF loans allow you to borrow money for your investment purchases while also helping you maximize the potential income of your SMSF property investment.

Property investments are one of the best ways to secure a safe retirement income. All your assets within the SMSF are 100% protected. By setting up an SMSF, you can loan up to 80% of the property value. Our services provide a wide range of tailored SMSF products to help your investment grow. You can also save more on tax using our SMSF.

Not sure what’s your next financial move for retirement? Let us help! Our experts will ensure that you get only the best property loan for your self-managed super fund. Our financial advisors can provide a detailed review of your current financial position and give you a buying strategy to get the best deals available. Whether you’re saving up for retirement or currently at the early stages of your superannuation, SMSF loans can provide you with rewarding investment options.

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