Why do you need to speak to a mortgage broker now?

Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

The first step to homeownership is applying for a mortgage. Unless you have heaps of cash to spend outright, applying for a mortgage will be an important part of your personal home buying experience. However, finding a home loan and sorting your finances is easier said than done. If only there’s someone who could do it all for you?

The answer to your problem is simple: mortgage brokers. Mortgage brokers are people who can help you find the best loan for your dream home. They act as middlemen between you and a lender, and can also help you with research and managing your fees.

Good brokers help you decide which home loan is suitable for you and which lender to choose. They are key people that can guide you throughout your home buying process. But that’s not all, below are things your mortgage broker can do for you.

Make The Home Buying Process Easy
Your mortgage broker has two primary jobs that will help you a lot during your search for a good home. First, they help you get the best loan and mortgage for your home, and second, they guide you towards the loan approval and qualification process.

A home loan is a big financial commitment and it’s crucial that you have your finances in order first before seeking a loan. Brokers are the experts when it comes to building the best home loan application. They also do all this with your finances in mind.

Brokers can also manage your fees. When you’re taking a new mortgage from a new lender, you’ll have to pay several fees including your application, appraisal, and origination fees. If you’re not familiar with all these, a broker can help you out. They can also waive some of these fees so you can save more money.

Find Lenders Who Can Meet Your Needs
If you’ve tried finding a lender, you know how stressful the process can be. A mortgage broker can help you handle this part with as little work as possible. So how do they do that? Simple. Mortgage brokers have the most experience in dealing with lenders. They can give you advice and recommend you the right mortgage loans that will suit your current financial situation.

Think of mortgage brokers as your expert in home loans. They have a lot of knowledge and can give you access to mortgages that may not be readily available to you. They also have access to a large broker network that can get you the best terms and interest rates. So, if you want an easy and hassle-free mortgage application, work with trusted mortgage brokers.

You also don’t have to worry about getting scammed, because mortgage brokers are bound to their duties. Most brokers are largely operating independently meaning they aren’t worked or are not allowed to work for one particular lender. This assures you that you’ll have an unbiased opinion when it comes to your home loan. They should also recommend a suitable mortgage for you and if it’s not the right one, you can hold them accountable to the law. You can even get compensated if your claims were proved to be true.

Brokers Have The Knowledge and Experience
Mortgage brokers will help you navigate the complicated world of mortgages. You’ll know all the best practices, products, market conditions, and learn more about the interest rates.

Because it’s their job to advise people about their mortgage options, brokers are always updated with the financial and real estate landscape. This means that they’re also aware of costly financial mistakes that you should avoid. They’ll be able to provide you the best option according to your circumstances.

Expert brokers are also able to anticipate problems during your application process. They can help you overcome these issues so that you won’t have problem getting your loan approved to the chosen lender.

They Can Get Things Done Faster
If you’re searching for a mortgage option yourself, you’ll find the task challenging and time-consuming. You have to do everything from application to going back and forth to different banks to get the best rate. You also have to contact several lenders in order to find the best loan for yourself.

When you hire a broker, all these tasks will be handled by your broker. You’ll be left with so much time for yourself to pursue other important tasks such as house hunting or finding a moving company. Basically, your broker will handle all the legwork and paperwork for you.

One of the best things about having a broker is that you don’t have to pay for their services. Unless it was under special circumstances, most brokers are paid by lenders when they commission or refer an applicant. This is nothing to worry about because members of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia are required by code not to disclose your personal information.

How To Choose The Right Mortgage Broker?
So how do you know if you’re choosing a broker you can trust? How do you know if he’s experienced and has your best interests in mind? Here are tips to help you out:

Ask for Referrals – Contact your friends or family if they know someone they trust. Contact your real estate agent or anyone you think might know a broker, then ask for a referral.
Check Credentials – Once you’ve found your potential brokers, confirm their license by visiting the registry. Check platforms or do an online search about them.
Interview – After doing a background check, it’s time to interview your candidates. Talk to them and learn more about their experiences. Find out their references, their process, and their success rate.

Key Takeaways
Homeownership has always been central to an Australian’s ability to create wealth. Reaching out to a broker to help you with your home loan application is a wise move for first time home buyers. Brokers will always put your financial needs first and take into account your needs and financial capabilities when helping you find a home loan.

Ready to purchase your dream home? Buying a home for you and your family can be an overwhelming and emotionally draining process. We’ll find you a loan that will suit your financial needs. Find out how much you can borrow here.